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Sally (21)
Sally (21)

High Class

Dear gentlemen, My name is Sally from Tokyo, Japan.
When I’m just by myself, I find myself fulfilled by indulging in music and food.
I also love traveling around the world to discover unknown places beautifully hidden on the planet.
I’m looking forward to spending some sweet time with you during your break in this city♥

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English , Japanese , Portuguese
English Level
Excellent ★★★★★
163cm (5'4")
One point

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Body & Looks

Skin color
Baby pink
Hair color
Eyes color


Make sweets and singing
Favorite activities
Cathlistics and dance
Areas of interest
Philosophy, quantum mechanics, beauty


Personality and character
Calm, patient and easy going
Noteworthy social skills


Favorite brand
Anything as long as it's cute
Favorite underpants style
Lace lingerie
Favorite food
Meat, sushi, spicy food
Favorite drink
Black tea
Favorite travel location
Places with lots of nature
Ideal date
Eating good food together

Education & Work

Studied abroad at a high school
Hair make, massage therapist


Special service
Head massage, hair make-up
Schedule flexibility


1 hour
70000 yen
2 hours
110000 yen
3 hours
150000 yen
5 hours Dinner
180000 yen
9 hours Overnight
315000 yen
12 hours
420000 yen
Extended 1 hour
70000 yen
Extended 2 hour
110000 yen
Extended 3 hour
150000 yen
Extended 5 hour
180000 yen
Extended 9 hour
315000 yen
Extended 12 hour
420000 yen
1 hour (DR)
70000 yen
2 hours (DR)
110000 yen
3 hours (DR)
150000 yen
5 hours (DR)
180000 yen
9 hours (DR)
315000 yen
12 hours (DR)
420000 yen
Couple Threesome
40000 yen

Our comment

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you our newest member, Sally—a vision of beauty with eyes full of self-love, adorned with a flawless complexion that radiates purity.

With a passion for confectionery and a love for dance, she brings a delightful charm and grace to every moment shared.
Her academic achievements include a university degree, coupled with the enriching experience of studying abroad during her high school years, adding depth and cultural understanding to her persona.
With a background in hair and makeup, massage therapy, and holistic healing, she possesses a gentle and serene demeanor that instantly puts you at ease.
Her excellent communication skills, adept at both questioning and assertion, ensure meaningful and engaging interactions.
A preference for lace lingerie adds a touch of elegance and allure to her already captivating presence.
Her interests in philosophy, quantum mechanics, and beauty reflect her intellectual curiosity and multifaceted personality.
With special skills in head massage and hairstyling, she offers a unique blend of relaxation and glamour, promising an unforgettable experience.

We are confident she will exceed your expectations and provide an enriching and memorable encounter. We eagerly await the pleasure of your company.

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Sally's Blog Articles

What is it made of??🩵

Hi everyone

It’s Sally🩵

This morning, I’ve used chickpeas, for the first time, to make pasta🍝

At a glance, it looks more like risotto, but once you take a bite, you’d find it has almost same texture and taste as pasta made from wheat.

I’m still a huge fan of wheat products, but I also want to enjoy gluten-free meals in the future ahead🪽

When I get to meet people, I love talking about the food. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your favorite food♥️🍚

Due to my personal circumstances, I'd probably not be available for the next few months (on April and May) so I hope I get the chance to see you by the end of this month👫

Take care



Ways to satisfy your appetite♥️


It’s Sally🩵

I wonder if I’m the only one feeling this winter very long⛄️

I eat a lot in the winter because I believe that’s the best way to ease myself from the coldness❄️

My recent crush is Stir-fried beef and vegetables🥦🍖

And of course, the cheese topping is the must🧀💕

(Releasing happy hormones..✨)

However, even after eating so much delicious food, I still have room in my stomach, and perhaps now is the time for me to get some sweets🍰🫖

I would be happy if you were my dessertᡣ𐭩

Just kidding lol

Thank you for all the requests♥️

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

I assume March is one of the busiest months of the year, so please take care of yourself and I hope you may find peace in your heart even in your busy days🐑🌙



What keeps me stay up all night…


It’s Sally👠

Even though I know it’s not really good to stay up late, I often find myself being fascinated by the mysterious charm of the night...🌙💕Especially, music is the one that keeps me stay up all night🎵

What do you like listening in the last few hours before you going to sleep?

Soul was not my cup of tea, but I recently fell in love with the sound of a deceased legend of soul, Bobby Caldwell.

I felt fate in getting to know this artist because I got to know about him within last few days of his lifetime.

Furthermore, I found out that my mom once took me to his Billboard Live in Akasaka, Tokyo. It was a long time ago and I was too young to recognize him and fit in my memory, so it came to me as a quite surprise🌃

I especially love the song called “What you won’t do for love”. I’m sure that many of you’ll like this song right after listening to the intro. Please go listen to this song if you’ve never listened to this song💕


Thank you for the request❤️

I can tell you that spending time with you would also keep me up all night🌉

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a great day,


Make me hot❤️

Hello everybody

It’s Sally

I hope you all got through the severe cold wave that hit Tokyo few days ago..⛄️

In this time of the year, It’s very challenging to keep your body warm isn’t it?

I’m very sensitive to coldness so I’ve recently been trying to heat myself up by working on body weight training💪🏻🔥!

It helps increasing my metabolism and expanding my body’s range of motion🩷

If there’s anything you are working on physically, I want to know when we meet( ¨̮ )

I’ll be available for the next few days

If you have free time at some point, please let me know📞



Guess where I’m at🤫💕

Hello everyone❤︎

It’s Sally

I’ve been away from Tokyo for the past two weeks in the aim of getting driver’s license🚗³₃

I don’t have any plans becoming a professional driver, but I wanted to get the license for the trip to the suburbs since there are so many great nature spots that cannot be reached by train alone🚃

Leaning and trying new things out is very exciting, but isolating myself for the two weeks away from home is making me feel passing of time is very slow🥲

I’ll be back in two days and will be available to see you on 24 and 25 in the late evening🩷

Looking forward to meeting you all⸜❄️⸝



Look at me riding on....♥

Hello everyone,

it’s Sally.

The above is my favorite picture from my travel diary✈︎

I was amazed by this beautiful location, and the experience of riding this pretty camel made my day🩷


Happy New Year🎍


It’s Sally.

Belated Happy New Year🤎

I hope you had a wonderful break with a mind of peace!

For the past few days, I hesitated to celebrate the arrival of 2024 since a lots of things have happened during the new year holiday in Japan😭

I’m grateful that I’m able to lead a normal life even though some people are in difficult situation which I hope the scene gets better as soon as possible🍃

I’ve got a free day today and tomorrow and it’s gonna be the first two days I’m available to meet you this year.

I am looking forward to spending some sweet time with you together🩷

Thank you