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Beni (22)
Beni (22)
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Hello everyone! ♡ This is Beni. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work as a member of MIJ. I have a great interest in overseas cultures and enjoy communicating in English♡ Having had experiences studying and traveling abroad, I wanted to use that knowledge to interact with people from other countries, which is why I decided to work for MIJ, a company specializing in overseas escorts. I hope to provide you with a lot of Japanese hospitality, which is the core of our culture, and our unique erotic hospitality through MIJ. Let's make every second and minute with Beni an unforgettable and wonderful memory!♡

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English , Japanese
English Level
Excellent ★★★★★
163cm (5'4")


1 hour
70000 yen
2 hours
110000 yen
3 hours
150000 yen
5 hours Dinner
180000 yen
9 hours Overnight
315000 yen
12 hours
420000 yen
Extended 1 hour
70000 yen
Extended 2 hour
110000 yen
Extended 3 hour
150000 yen
Extended 5 hour
180000 yen
Extended 9 hour
315000 yen
Extended 12 hour
420000 yen
1 hour (DR)
70000 yen
2 hours (DR)
110000 yen
3 hours (DR)
150000 yen
5 hours (DR)
180000 yen
9 hours (DR)
315000 yen
12 hours (DR)
420000 yen
Couple Threesome
40000 yen
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Beni's Blog Articles

Wonderful and Love night🩷🩷🩷

Hello gentlemen, how are you all doing? 💖

I am spending a meaningful day in Tokyo, shopping with friends and studying English 💓💗💗. Last night, I had the opportunity to meet again with a beautiful young couple from Florida 💞. I was deeply moved and very happy. It was an honor and a pleasure to spend the night with them ❤️. I am delighted to have been invited to spend their last evening together ❤️. Both the husband and wife are so warm, kind, and always smiling, making it a truly wonderful night ❤️.

It was a lot of fun to hear about their first experiences with Japanese cuisine, people, and culture. We talked about tea ceremonies 🍵, yukatas 👘, zazen meditation 🧘, Mount Fuji, clothes with beautiful kanji characters, and the people they met and the photos they took ❤️. Thank you for watching my silly dances and striptease 💓💓.

I was worried when she got drunk and cried towards the end, but I believe they will continue to love each other with a strong bond and trust, and live a wonderful life in America, as she has a strong, warm, handsome, and kind husband 💘💘💞💞. Thank you very much for extending the time at the end ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥. I am grateful ❤️.

and I did new nails❣️

From Beni💝

I’m going to visit Tokyo 💖

Gentlemen, greetings to you all.

This is Beni 💖

I'll be visiting Tokyo from the 24th to the 26th this week 💓

I'm very excited about it 💖

Gentlemen in Tokyo,

Would you like to spend a fantastic time with Beni? 💞

I'm always waiting for you ✨💖

I hope you all have a wonderful time in Japan as well.

Wishing you happiness,


I went to Kyoto! 💓✨

Gentlemen, good day to you all.💖💞

It's Beni💗

I recently went to Kyoto to see a wonderful, gorgeous, and beautiful couple💓

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to meet them again💖💓

I was so happy and moved✨I felt that they were truly kind, loved each other, and were bound by deep trust and affection✨💓It was refreshing and inspiring to soak in a warm bath together and hear about their precious and wonderful experiences in Japan♨️💓

I hope their remaining time in Japan is filled with the best and unforgettable memories. May their love last forever💏😘

On the way back,

I visited a shrine near Kyoto called Mikane Shrine✨ It's a famous shrine🩷

Gentlemen visiting Kyoto should definitely go there at least once💓💓

~ Mikane Shrine ~

This shrine is rare nationwide for being dedicated to the god of money. It enshrines Kanayamahiko-no-kami, the guardian deity of metals, and is believed to bestow blessings related to all kinds of metals. Consequently, it is widely believed to offer blessings for financial prosperity. People from all over the country come to pray for various financial wishes, such as increased wealth, business success, business development, and winning the lottery. The golden torii gate, lavishly decorated with gold leaf, is a symbol of the area, and the golden bell cord at the main hall stands out.

Thank You for My First Service🩷💓

Greetings, gentlemen💖💖💖

My first clients were a young couple💖

I was very nervous for my first time, but they were kind, so I was able to do my best to entertain them❤️ I am very grateful to the courteous and beautiful couple who requested my first service. Thank you so much💞 and,Thank you for the lovely slippers.I'm gonna use everyday✨

Couple play can deepen love and trust between partners, creating an even deeper bond❤️ It is very exciting and thrilling. Experiencing something new and fantastical in Japan's wonderful environment, along with spending time with an amazing woman, can make your life brighter and more fulfilling💓

Why not come to Japan and meet Beni once?🩷✨

I am always waiting for you.

Thank you for reading.

To all the gentlemen, from Beni at MIJ✨🩷

Hello everyone, nice to meet you🩷

Hello gentlemen, nice to meet you, and thank you for viewing my profile✨ This is my first blog post.

I am Japanese, born and raised in Japan, but I have a bit of mixed heritage with European blood. I am a very tolerant, affectionate, and nurturing woman, so I have the kindness to warmly embrace all of you gentlemen🩷 I believe I can become the girlfriend of your fantastical dreams and sweet fantasies. You will be captivated by my exotic eyes, like Cleopatra's cat-like eyes, and my thick, sexy lips🩷 I can be dispatched as a luxurious and fantastical partner suitable for all of you gentlemen🩷

I would love to know your ideal style, wonderful gentlemen🩷 Let’s spend an amazing, timeless moment together🩷 I look forward to meeting you🩷

Best regards,


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