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Anna (24)
Anna (24)

The Princess of Pleasure

High Class

Hello all the gentlemen I'm Anna, a new escort, grateful for this opportunity. I enjoy cooking and hiking. I'm a bit of a sweetheart and can speak English and Japanese. I like Chanel and pastel-colored lingerie. I love meat and enjoy activities like driving and visiting temples. I'm confident I can charm foreign clients and would be happy to enjoy working with them. Looking forward to meeting you!

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English , Japanese
158cm (5'2")


1 hour
70000 yen
2 hours
110000 yen
3 hours
150000 yen
5 hours Dinner
180000 yen
9 hours Overnight
315000 yen
12 hours
420000 yen
Extended 1 hour
70000 yen
Extended 2 hour
110000 yen
Extended 3 hour
150000 yen
Extended 5 hour
180000 yen
Extended 9 hour
315000 yen
Extended 12 hour
420000 yen
1 hour (DR)
70000 yen
2 hours (DR)
110000 yen
3 hours (DR)
150000 yen
5 hours (DR)
180000 yen
9 hours (DR)
315000 yen
12 hours (DR)
420000 yen

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Allow me to introduce our newest addition to our prestigious escort club. With a passion for cooking and a love for hiking, she brings a delightful blend of culinary prowess and outdoor adventure to your experiences. Her personality is best described as sweet and affectionate, making her an ideal companion for those seeking warmth and comfort. Moreover, her excellent communication skills in both English and Japanese ensure seamless interaction and understanding. When it comes to style, she appreciates the timeless elegance of Chanel, reflecting her sophisticated taste. Her preference for pastel-colored lingerie adds a touch of femininity and allure to her presence.

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