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Rinka (23)
Rinka (23)

Hello dear gentleman, Welcome to my profile. I'm Rinka, looking forward to serving you. I enjoy watching baseball and attended a university in Toronto. I'm friendly, talkative, and a good listener. I've worked in various jobs, so I'm good at talking about work, and people often praise me regardless of age or background. I like brands like ZARA and VIVY BROWN, and I prefer mature lace T-back underwear. My favorite foods are yakitori and sushi. An ideal date for me would be dinner at a hotel with a view of the night skyline. I also offer skills like teasing play, mat play, and feather touch. I'm excited to share special moments with you. Please feel free to book me. Thank you very much.

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English , Japanese
English Level
168cm (5'6")
One point

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Body & Looks

Skin color
Light brown
Hair color
Eyes color


Areas of interest


Personality and character
Friendly, talkative, good listener
Noteworthy social skills
I sometimes get compliments from people of all ages that I am good at talking about work because of my various work experiences.


Favorite brand
Favorite underpants style
Mature lace, T shape only
Favorite food
Yakitori, sushi
Favorite drink
Cola, beer, wine
Favorite music genre
Avril Lavigne
Favorite travel location
Places with delicious foods
Ideal date
Dinner with a beautiful night view

Education & Work

Studied in a college in Canada


Special service
Feather touch, tease play, and mat play


1 hour
70000 yen
2 hours
110000 yen
3 hours
150000 yen
5 hours Dinner
180000 yen
9 hours Overnight
315000 yen
12 hours
420000 yen
Extended 1 hour
70000 yen
Extended 2 hour
110000 yen
Extended 3 hour
150000 yen
Extended 5 hour
180000 yen
Extended 9 hour
315000 yen
Extended 12 hour
420000 yen
1 hour (DR)
70000 yen
2 hours (DR)
110000 yen
3 hours (DR)
150000 yen
5 hours (DR)
180000 yen
9 hours (DR)
315000 yen
12 hours (DR)
420000 yen
Couple Threesome
40000 yen

Our comment

Allow me to introduce our latest escort Rinka- an epitome of beauty and grace, possessing the stature of a model with a radiant smile that lights up the room.

With a university degree and a year of overseas study experience during her college years, she brings a cosmopolitan flair and worldly knowledge to every encounter.
Her positive and friendly demeanor makes her a delightful companion for any occasion. With a diverse work history, she engages in conversations effortlessly, regardless of age or topic.
Adaptable and flexible, she seamlessly adjusts to any situation, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all involved.
Her preference for sexy lace lingerie and T-backs adds a seductive touch to her already captivating presence.
With her extensive study abroad experience in Canada and a wealth of international travel history, she is eager to share stories not only about Japan but also about the many wonderful places she has visited overseas, promising a truly enjoyable time together.

We are confident she will exceed your expectations and provide an unforgettable experience. We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of your company.

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