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An inked beauty

An another new escort in Osaka, Emi has joined Made In Japan.
She has nice tattoos on her slim body. In this country, it's a bit hard to find inked beauty.
But, now here it is!

Check her profile and inquire now!


Fire-like color which is deep crimson

A new escort, Beni joined Made In Japan now.
She has pitch black long straight hair and beautiful milky white skin.
The contrast is one of standards of beauty in Japan.

Also, her name Beni means crimson in English.
So, you can have a colorful time with her!

Check her profile now!



We'll be able to introduce two new escorts in Osaka in the near future.
As usual, we hire only quality ladies, they are highly recommended.

Stay tuned! And we look forward to showing them on the website.


English Level Rating

We added a new feature in escorts' profile which is English Level.

It indicates how well our escorts speak English and is rated by our native English speakers.

Five-star means "Excellent", and they have worked or studied abroad.
Four stars shows "Good" level and have no problems facilitating everyday English conversations.
Three stars represents "Average". Although not at the level of the above, they are able to have a conversation with you.

In addition, we don't hire women of lower levels than the above levels.


Check out our girls on X

Hanna and Sora have their own X account.
Check them out to watch their exclusive photos!

Here're the accounts.

Hanna's X account
Sora's X account


How was your Golden Week?

Every tourist destination in Japan was flocked last week, but how did you spend your week?
We remain open for business as usual and look forward to serving you.

By the way, some new photos are added on Nina's profile
Why don't you check them now?

Nina's profile


New arrival!

Let me introduce our latest escort Nina.

She's fresh and passionate.
Of course, she speaks fluent English, just like our other women.

Nina is only 20 years old, the youngest escort of MIJ.

First of all, have a look her profile now!
Then, contact us to book her!

Nina's profile


Coco's vacation

Here's Coco's new blog article

She's going to take a vacation. In the article, she says the destination.

Check it out now!


Follow / Join our social media

On X and Telegram channel, we update everything we want to show.

Follow us on X

Join us on Telegram

Also, a new escort will join in Osaka soon!
Of course, she speaks fluent English like other our escorts.


The beginning of early summer

In Tokyo, the maximum temperature exceeded 25℃ (77℉).
Spring is already over and it's early summer.
The air is crisp and clear, and most comfortable time of year.

Now, Hanna, a fresh newcomer has updated her blog.
In the article, she disclosed her career you may have interest.

Click here to check it now.


Hanna's additional photos and a video

A new escort, Hanna's new photos and a short video are added now.
See her additional photos and find her attractions!
Hanna's profile


Photography of a newcomer Hanna

Hanna has long black hair.
Her well-groomed skin is clear and milky, and she has shapely figure. Her slender body which is trained in belly dancing has a wasp waist like a sculpture. It's so outstanding good looks.

She has a lot of modelling experience and can do any poses naturally, and her good communication skills brought a cheerful atmosphere to the whole shooting which made the shooting go very smoothly.

The photos are very satisfactory due to her beautiful appearance and professionalism.

Check Hanna's profile now!


Additional photos of Rinka

Check Rinka's extra new photos now!
You can find her fascinating again.

Rinka's profile


New week, new girl

Happy Monday!
May the week ahead be filled with peace, happiness, and joy.

Also, a new escort Hanna will join us this week!

Stay tuned!

*All our escorts speak English fluently.


Rinka and Naomi

Did you enjoy cherry blossoms this year?
The blossoms have started to fall, but two beautiful flowers have began to bloom at Made In Japan.

Rinka is a polite and independent woman.
Also, Naomi is professional.

Both are highly recommended.


Sakura Season!

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo is now fully in bloom! A number of tourists are watching it in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. After seeing the flowers, why don you spend some quality times with our beautiful woman? MIJ's flowers are also about to join. Stay tuned!



Thank you for visiting Made In Japan's website. In this country, a new fiscal year starts in April. Our website has been redesigned today to correspond with this. We will continue to strive to be one of Japan's top escort agencies and we are truly grateful for your consistent loyalty and support.


Please hurry up, all MIJ fans.

You can only meed Sora this month.
The next one is June.
If you are looking for a real Girlfriend Experience, she is the one for you.
Don't miss the chance to meet.


a beautiful newcomer Sally's note

Newcomer Sally's pale, translucent skin draws the eye and gives her a different look. Her two bright, twinkling eyes give her a depth of expression that is sure to win the hearts of gentlemen.
Her slender, yet firm, large breasts are visually appealing, and her slender, yet firm, curvy style enhances her feminine charms.
She is fluent in English and her smile conveys cuteness and friendliness, and her positive energy lights up the world around her. With these characteristics, she will instantly win the hearts of gentlemen and will be loved for a long time. By all means.


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