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a beautiful newcomer Sally's note Dec/25/2023

Newcomer Sally's pale, translucent skin draws the eye and gives her a different look. Her two bright, twinkling eyes give her a depth of expression that is sure to win the hearts of gentlemen.
Her slender, yet firm, large breasts are visually appealing, and her slender, yet firm, curvy style enhances her feminine charms.
She is fluent in English and her smile conveys cuteness and friendliness, and her positive energy lights up the world around her. With these characteristics, she will instantly win the hearts of gentlemen and will be loved for a long time. By all means.

Sally Mira Sally Sally Ran Ran Mira Ran Ran Mira Aina Aina Aina Ran Sally Sally Mira Mira Aina Aina

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